The digital revolution is now part of everything we do. Today, ordinary people not journalists or politicians, are setting the news agenda.

People are no longer just consumers of content, they create it. The way news is gathered and the demands on journalists have also changed. Today, thanks to social media and the internet, rigid classifications for reporters have disappeared. Print reporters carry video cameras and television reporters communicate to audiences via Twitter and Facebook. Reporters enjoy unprecedented access to public opinion and organisations have more opportunity than ever to share their stories and become part of the news cycle.

PR Media’s social media team include online journalists, bloggers and PR experts who understand how to create and adapt your messages into conversations for blogs and social networks. Their combined expertise offers you a unique chance to build a deeper understanding of the world of social media and how to use it to your advantage.

Using a mixture of presentations and interactive workshops PR Media will show you how social media can add value to your organisation:

 Engage online communities effectively in a communications strategy
 Communicate successfully using online blogs
 Develop a social media crisis communications plan
 Identify and engage with influential people online
 Monitor online conversations about your organisation
 Understand how online communities operate
 Establish consistency of message across traditional, new and social media
 Develop engaging key messages for social media

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