When your organisation is facing a problem it is important to deal with it quickly and in the correct way.

PR Media’s communication experts have years of experience helping clients around the world prepare before, during and after crisis situations ranging from product recalls to management misconduct. We have worked with organisations of all sizes and offered expertise on how to respond to situations including;

 Environmental crisis and legal issues
 Workplace accidents
 Recalls and product failures
 Litigation communications
 Misconduct by staff or Management
 Company boycotts
 Bankruptcies and staff reduction
 Damning online reviews by customers

We offer expertise in media handling, communicating with public and employees, cooperating with investigators and defending reputations.

How our crisis training works

From learning how to handle a reporter ambush to dealing with a hostile news conference our crisis training teaches clients how to take control, instead of just acting on what the media wants.

Using a mixture of presentations, interactive crisis workshops, full scale simulations and print and broadcast interviews, we will show your spokespeople how to:

 Identify problems before they emerge
 Find threats facing your organisation
 Understand what a crisis involves
 Recognise what the media wants
 Develop key messages and a crisis communications plan
 Establish alliances with key stakeholders
 Engage with the media when a crisis hits
 Use Social Media to your advantage

At the end of a course every spokesperson is given a copy of their interviews as well as a comprehensive media training manual, a media training quick reference guide and ongoing support from our team.

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